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  • Location Montpellier, France
  • Birthdate July 20.
  • Member since 04.05.2004
  • Last activity 6 months ago

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Member since 2004 : time flies!

Ears stretched (28mm), heading up to 30 mm.

old school greyhound on my foot
Geek matching tattoos
My lovely cat's paw
Tights lines behind the legs
Hourglass with bat wings, leopard dots, old school red rose and leaves and flowers: left arm
Green diamond on my armpit
A ramones tribute, on feet: inked in August, gone in September
Diamond scarification on my leg by my friend : lady_morphine : MERCI!
an old school ship
reversed cross by Kev
flowers, on the leg, by Adel, Artribal, Lyon
yellow rose with a silly snowflake, by Pandido, Artribal, Lyon
beetle on my leg, by Pandido, Artribal, Lyon
colors added to the leopard and more dots on the elbow
matching tattoo with my friend Fanny during our holidays in London : a teacup on the shoulder, tattoo13
black crow, by Pandido, Artribal, Lyon
Summer games shark, leg, by Gauthier, Artribal, Lyon
To be continued...

I got my dermal anchor removed after 2 years of loyal service
navel scalpelled 4mm
navel 2.4mm
vertical tragus, surface one
labrets (x2)
4mm stretched tongue

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